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An Easy-To-Do Crochet Peacock Pattern, Plus 5 Free Patterns

I Will Be Creating Additional Peacock Flower Patterns From Time To Time Once Our CAL Is Over... You'll Automatically Get those Free once they're created!

Peacock's Garden(13)

Missed our last crochet along? No worries, this one’s even better. Love flowers, but has allergies? Love the garden but can’t work outdoors. This CAL is definitely for you! Enough of those ordinary projects! Join me on this fun-packed, trendsetting journey, as we whip up a fabulous peacock garden….In less time than it takes you to finish that beautiful multi-stitch blanket.

Wondering if this is possible? I guarantee you, it is! Every single pattern that I’ve ever created were made with the same thought of keeping things simple, yet beautiful. It is my duty to make sure that it will be a breeze to follow along… like a crochet machine for the most toughest project there is.

Create A Stunning Blooming Peacock On A Bird Bath In Only 14 Days!

The Only Step By Step Crochet Thread Pattern For Creating An Elegant Life-like Peacock With Blooming Flowers

Now Beware… This Peacock Crochet Along Is The Secret To Releasing Your Unlimited Creative Imaginations

    * Step by step instructions with lots of images to follow along

    * Create an elegant peacock using mixed media for extra fun

    * Crochet along with an awesome group of like-minded crafters

    * Crochet without worries with “Me” as your personal guide

    * Easy to create using only simple stitches

    * Get creative with your own color combinations and flower choices.

    * Choose out of 3 beautiful peacock poses, or create them all
You can create an all white peacock and add the Dwarf Poinciana flower as the tail.

Discover 3 Easy, Exciting, and Elegant Ways To Create a Blooming Crochet Peacock

Vertical Cascading Train

You just can’t get more elegant than a beautiful cascade of flowers running down a peacock’s tail. This position allows your peacock to sit gorgeously onto a bird bath, or even a tree branch. Learn the secrets to creating this lovely cascading peacock  with step by step instructions and lots of images to follow along.

Cascading Peacock
Cascading Peacock

Horizontal Cascading Train

The horizontal cascading peacock train position is another beautiful display. This pose allows your peacock to elegantly stand on it’s own as a stunning centerpiece.

Crochet Peacock Feathers

Blooming Peacock Feather Spread

The feathered peacock pose also called the open feathered peacock, or the blooming peacock is probably the most elegant of all. Learn how to create this standing beauty step by step.

Crochet Opened Peacock Feathers
Crochet Peacock Feathers

When You Join, You Automatically Get A Fair Chance To Win A Ready-To-Go Materials Kit

Don't Miss This Fun-Filled Experience. Grab Your Spot And Get Started Now!

Let's Get Rid Of Those Fears

Not sure if this crochet along is up your alley? No worries, let me fill you in. This crochet along is for you…

– Even if you think your patience is thin. I plan to keep it fun and engaging… let’s kick   boredom to the side. They’ll also be peacock themed games and giveaways throughout the crochet along.

– Even if you are new to crochet flowers or crochet in general. The only skills needed is the knowledge of the basic stitches, and working with wires. (If you have no knowledge with wires, don’t worry. I’ll help you out). Besides, the pattern has a stitch guide that tells you step by step how to create each stitch used in the pattern. The best part, you have a whole team of crafters (Including myself) to help you out if you reach a bump.

– Even if it looks complicated. The most simplest of things always look more complicated.. I guarantee you, it’s a breeze. I’ll show you how to do it step by step from head to toe.

If you think it’s impossible, just keep in mind that we are in this together… I’ll be right at your side making sure you get the job done. You can easily reach out to me whenever you need help.

Important: CAL Outline... Please Read!

1. Our CAL begins on August 7, 2018. Giving you 3 weeks to get your supplies together. However, you will receive the Peacock Iris Flower instantly after sign up. This gives you an early head start as the free Peacock Iris Flower is used in the peacock train(tail). See image below. You will also have the option to make the flower in another color of your choice to make yours unique… it grows in a wide variety of colors.

2. The peacock body pattern will be distributed in steps each day. Some steps will require a few days. This way, we’ll continue to be engaged and also be able to take a break if you need it.

3. There’s More! When you join us, you’ll also instantly receive the Pride Of Barbados Dwarf Poinciana Peacock Flower pattern made in two different colors (See Image Below). You can create a pure white peacock and use the individual flowers from the poinciana as the tail for your peacock. This would be stunning! Just so you know, you can also use any other crochet flowers to add to your peacock tail to make yours special. I  know you have something up your sleeves! Simply follow the flower assembly guide.

4. When you join the peacock club, you’ll also receive 2 additional free patterns to add to your collection. This is only for a limited time. These patterns include the Demi Aloe Succulent, and The Peacock’s Galaxy Dream Catcher. (See Images Below).

5. To add a cherry on top, join us right now and you will receive an additional peacock themed pattern once our crochet along begins. I will add this pattern on Ravelry and you will automatically receive it the first day of our CAL.

6. Immediately after joining  the crochet along, you will be sent to a page with a Ravelry Code for you to get your bonuses. On that same page, you’ll also see a materials list including everything you’ll need for the peacock CAL. Remember, I’ll be giving away a kit with all the materials needed to create the peacock to one lucky winner. I will announce the winner on July 27, 2018.

Your Freebies Up Close

These Freebies will not be sold separately in my shops. Get them NOW… for free!

Don't Forget That Extra Secret Peacock Pattern You'll Get For Joining The CAL!

Your pattern will be delivered to you on Ravelry once our CAL begins.

Begin Your Creative Peacock Journey!

Create A Peacock In Bloom. Don’t Miss The Train… Join Us Now!

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  • Peacock Body Pattern
  • Peacock Iris Flower Pattern
  • Pride Of Barbados Dwarf Peacock Poinciana Flower Pattern
  • Demi Aloe Succulent Pattern
  • Peacock's Galaxy Dream Catcher Pattern
  • An additional SECRET peacock pattern that you will receive on Ravelry once our CAL begins.
  • Personal Support

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Thoughts From Other Crafters...

Incredible detail and blooming passion. Excellent talent.
Michelle L.
I love making Leticia's flowers. They are just beautiful and the directions are so easy to follow, both written and photographs. Thank you for your designs. Can't wait for the next one xx
Neica L.M.
Leticia, I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I love to take part in your CAL ‘s. I always get so happy to hear that you will have a new Crochet along soon. I love crocheting your patterns, they are very easy to follow and read the directions. I haven’t seen any other directions like yours, they’re easy to follow with beautiful pictures and the most beautiful designs. I have given Almost all the flowers you have designed to my friends and they love them! They look so real they don’t believe their crocheted and they get all the best compliments. I’m glad I found you and your beautiful flower designs I can't wait until your next pattern is out! Thank you Leticia for all your hard work on designing these patterns for us.
Maria N.K.
Wonderful patterns to do, great instructions, fun Cal's. Leticia is always helpful.
Cleary K.
I Love making these flowers . Can't get them fast enough. I was working everyday now can't work so I start crocheting at 8 in morning when husband goes to work. Now need more patterns. Doing the last two now. Hope everybody loves them as much as me.
Linda H.
I have had the pleasure of accidentally discovering Flawless Crochet Flowers about two years ago, It was just in time to sign up For a Leticia Lebron CAL. Let me tell you, oooh! I am totally hooked. Her patterns are very easy to follow, with incredibly stunning results. So life like. Even if you are new to crochet, you can do all the flowers. Instructions are precise, with lovely pictures. Even stitches are explained. Signing up for a CAL is very worth whatever the nominal fee is. F>Y>I> I have been crocheting off and on for 40 years and am VERY critical of patterns., as I designed quite a few myself, long ago. I always look forward with excitement to participate in each of Flawless Crochet Flowers' crochet a longs.
Nikki S.

The FCF Promise

I’ll always be creating the most easiest and fun crochet flower patterns/projects that spin heads, drop jaws and always create a smile. I promise to surprise you every single time! I Promise to hold your hand and take you through the creating process step by step.  If for some strange reason you’re not happy, I promise to make it up to you!

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Create Your Stunning Peacock And Get Your Freebies!

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