Flawless Crochet Flowers 2017 CAL

You Are Cordially Invited To an Exclusive Queens Of The Garden CAL to

Create 5 Stunning Flowers Of Royalty

Expand Your Creativity, Create outside The Vase, Shock Your Family and Friends,And Make Your Bouquets Stand Out!

An Unforgettable Crochet
experience is guaranteed!

As a flower enthusiast, this CAL is the best gift you can give yourself. With Christmas approaching, you can easily create these blooms and gift them beautifully! You're about to explore a Royal crochet flower experience... one you will definitely want to brag about to your family and friends. I'm not yet going to tell you that you'll think this is the best CAL you have come across because you have no idea of the great benefits that come along.

This is one CAL you will definitely enjoy. If you thought our previous crochet alongs was awesome, you will love this one! So, get yourself ready to meet 5 gorgeous queens of this Royal garden.

Join right now only when you understand just how much fun this will be!

I must tell you... once you begin to create these easy to do flower patterns, you'll naturally discover the unlimited potential there is for using your flowers to make off-the-record arrangements.

This Crochet Along Is For You! Create Beautiful Flower Arrangements...

~ Even if you've never crocheted a flower in your life

~ Even if you think you might not be able to keep up

~ Even if you find it hard to follow a written pattern

~ Even if you are nervous about working with tiny needles and thread

~ Even if you have started so many projects and never finished them. I guarantee you will be too excited to use your finished flower in an arrangement... you will get it done!


This CAL is filled with gorgeous patterns done the easy way! Keep reading as I enlighten you on how you can get it done despite these obstacles.

Prices &Royal Bonuses

If you've been part of our other CALs, you'd know that there's always more to get... it's almost like it never ends! This CAL like our previous crochet alongs is also filled with great bonuses, and giveaways.

Our CAL begins on October 27th 2017. 

Be sure to join before the bonuses come to an end. Once the timer goes to zero, the bonuses are no longer available.

You can join this CAL three ways. There's 3 options to choose from and they all come with different bonuses. I did it this way so everyone can get a fair chance of joining.


1. Don't start thinking about the fun you'll experience in this crochet along just yet... let me enlighten you on just how this works. When you sign up for the CAL, you will instantly receive the FREE Velvet Queen Sunflower pattern. You will be able to download this pattern instantly after sign up and you will also be given a code to get the pattern into your Ravelry Library. This flower can fit right into your Halloween decor and is perfect as a fall arrangement. Get access at an early bird price for only $9. That's $9 for 6 crochet patterns including our upcoming, gorgeous CAL patterns. Regular price will resume once the timer goes to zero.

2. But, if you join the CAL as a VIP member right now, you can instantly access both the Velvet Queen Sunflower and the (Queen for the Day) Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus... absolutely free. Valued at $16. The entire package including the 5 mystery CAL patterns is valued at $46...you can get it all at an early bird price for only $11... that's over $30 savings. Regular price will resume once the timer hits zero.

3. The Exclusive VIP option is extremely limited as the patterns are valued at $60. Plus an opportunity to win 3 FREE months into the Garden Club. There's only a limited amount of spots available. With this offer, you get the Free Velvet Queen Sunflower, The Queen for The Day Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus plus two additional mystery flower projects. These 2 additional mystery flower projects are EXCLUSIVE and will not be sold in stores. They will only be available to Garden Club members. Please note that the two patterns will be delivered 1 pattern per month for 2 months. The first mystery pattern will be delivered on the same day the last CAL pattern is released (Oct. 22, 2017).

That's not all, you will have at least 2 chances to win a free 3 months digital membership into our Garden Club once it launches. This offer is priceless! So be sure to grab it before it disappears. You can grab your Exclusive VIP spot to get 9 flower patterns(Including upcoming CAL patterns) plusa chance into the upcoming Digital Garden Club Membership.. free for 3 months for ONLY $14.

This Exclusive VIP offer will not be available after the timer hits zero. 

4. Create a project on Ravelry with all 5 flowers for your chance to win a special surprise giveaway. You don't have to add them individually... you can put them all in one photo as one arrangement or you can have them as separate bouquets. Either way, you only need to add 1 image into the listing for your chance to win. I will post a reminder when our CAL is soon to end.

Get A Glimpse Of These Beautiful Bonuses!

Crochet Velvet Queen Sunflower

Velvet Queen Sunflower

Crochet Cactus

Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus

2 Free Mystery Patterns

Not Ready To Sign Up? Join Our Facebook Group And Be The First To Know About Secret Blooms!

Join over 4,500 lovely crafters like you and see what we're all about. You'll also get to know me on a personal level... I'd love to meet you.

Get access to free flowers and be the first to know about my secret agenda of amazingly beautiful and fun crochet flowers


If you don't think this CAL is for you, it's not neccessary that you join right now. You will miss out on the bonuses, but take all the time you need to consider the benefits of taking the journey on this fabulous CAL and when you are ready and excited about creating beautiful ROYAL blooms, you can always come back and join us now.

7 Great Reasons You Don't Want To Miss This

1. Crocheting is one of the most relaxing hands on work you can do. Many of us crafters can sometimes find it intimidating to start projects we've never tried before. I can assure you, if you've never done flowers before, there's no need to be afraid. These flowers are done with basic stitches only, and are much easier than they look.

2. These flowers will be so much fun you just might find yourself making them in multiple colors. Be sure to grab your spot as they will only be sold in a bundle... basically, you will not be able to purchase these royal blooms separately.

3. Keeping up and following along the patterns should be a breeze. The patterns are simple with lots and lots of step by step images to make sure your piece looks just like what it needs to before moving on. 

4. If you find it hard to hold a firm grip on the small needle, no worries you can use thread for a bigger and bolder arrangement. I will share a technique that will help keep the yarn fuzz away!

5. You get lots of great bonuses, fun games, and prizes I absolutely know you'll love! There will be a magnificent giveaway after each bloom we create. That's 5 amazing giveaways. Our goal is to get 2000 participants to the join the fun. Once we've met our goal of 2000, there will be an over the top, unbelieveable, secret grand prize giveaway. So, be sure to use the share buttons on this page to spread the word. Share, share, share!

6. Crochet flowers make beautiful gifts. Flowers can say many things... I love you, thank you, and even congrats. The gift of a bouquet is good for emotional health, and also brings up happy memories and moments. Like real flowers, these crochet blooms can improve emotional health daily and for a lifetime as they will always be around. They also make any room more inviting and allows you to move the pleasure of gardening indoors.

7. The prices (even after the timer stops) is a steal of a deal. Depending on which package you choose, you'll get 6- 9 crochet flower patterns for no more than $14. You'll pay between $1.50 - $1.57 per pattern... now that's just crazy cheap for ROYAL blooms! 

8. Most importantly, you'll have access to personal help from me if you ever meet a bump. Our Facebook group is filled with beautiful crafters who love to help out. So... you've got a whole team with you on this Royal journey!



Don't join this crochet along now unless you absolutely want to create gorgeous, off-the-record arrangements!

Get An Extra Breath-taking Bonus

Let's Make It to 2000 members, and everyone will receive a special surprise pattern once our CAL is over. This one is a rare beauty... I know you'll love it. I was extremely excited during the making process. I can guarantee you have never seen it in crochet history! (Believe me, I've done my research) 😉

So let's make it happen so I can share this beauty! Click the buttons below to share this fun crochet along with your friends and groups.

We must reach 2000 participants in order for me to give this extra bonus to everyone.

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This Royal Journey Begins On October 27, 2017 At 8:00 am EST

Pattern Release Dates and Info

Our CAL will last for 5 short weeks. I will be releasing a brand new, never done before crochet flower pattern every week. You will also get an extra three weeks to finish all flowers before the deadline.

Important dates to remember 

* October 27, 2017 ~ CAL begins and Queen pattern #1 is released

* November 3, 2017~ Queen pattern #2 is released. 1st princess party pattern giveaway 

November 10, 2017~ Queen pattern #3 is released.  

* November 17, 2017~ Queen pattern #4 is released. 2nd princess/prince party pattern giveaway 

* November 24, 2017~ Queen pattern #5 is released. The first FREE mystery pattern for Exclusive VIP Members will be sent via email

The second FREE mystery pattern for Exclusive VIP Members ONLY will be sent out on Dec. 18, 2017

Once you have completed your flowers, you can add them as a project on Ravelry and link it to my pattern listing. (All flowers will be added under 1 listing). You must add all 5 flowers to the Ravelry listing (that I will be posting later on in the CAL) to be entered into the drawing for a surprise giveaway!

Add All Your Flowers To The Ravelry Listing No Later Than November 12, 2017 

As promised, there's a whole lot of giveaways going on here! After all... It's ROYALTY!

Materials Needed

1. Colored threads needed to complete all 5 CAL patterns are as followed: A couple of these blooms can be done in other colors, so you can always use other colored threads you have on hand.

~ Lilac

~ Light yellow

~ Dark green and light green

~ White

~ Light pink

~ Paints

You'll be surprised what these simple colors with a pop of color can do!!! 


2. 18 gauge and 24 or 26 gauge wires.

3. Other additional tools needed to complete these flowers are

~ Pack of markers (I'm using Sharpie pack),

~ Chalk set

~ Light green and dark green floral tape 

~Brown floral tape and white floral tape (These are optional)

4. US 1.7mm Susan Bates crochet hook

5. If you will be making your flowers using yarn instead, I will highly recommend that you use the thinnest yarn you can find. I will also recommend you use a US D or E crochet needle to eliminate bulky flowers. I will be sharing a simple technique that I've been using for many years to keep the fuzz away... it gives your project a clean and crisp appearance.

You've Ran Out Of Time For The Early Bird Price, But You Can Still Join This Amazing Journey!

You don't want to miss out on these AMAZING Bonuses!!!


Last Chance

Sign Ups Will Be Closed At Midnight. Be Sure To Grab It Before It's Gone!


$ 11
  • 5 Queen of the garden CAL patterns
  • Access to all games and prizes
  • Free Velvet Queen Sunflower Pattern (Instant Download)
  • Free Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus Pattern (Queen For The Day)
  • 2 Extra Mystery Patterns. 1 pattern per month. (These Patterns are exclusive and will not be sold in my shops)
  • Opportunity to win a FREE digital Flawless Flower Club membership ($9.99 value)
Save $26


$ 14
  • 5 Queen of the garden CAL patterns
  • Access to all games and prizes
  • Free Velvet Queen Sunflower Pattern (Instant Download)
  • Free Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus Pattern (Queen For The Day)
  • 2 Extra Mystery Patterns. 1 pattern per month. (These Patterns are exclusive and will not be sold in my shops)
  • Opportunity to win a FREE digital Flawless Flower Club membership ($9.99 value)
Save $32

Exclusive VIP

$ 14
  • 5 Queen of the garden CAL patterns
  • Access to all games and prizes
  • Free Velvet Queen Sunflower Pattern (Instant Download)
  • Free Apricot Glow Flowering Cactus Pattern (Queen For The Day)
  • 2 Extra Mystery Patterns. 1 pattern per month. (These Patterns are exclusive and will not be sold in my shops)
  • Opportunity to win a FREE digital Flawless Flower Club membership ($9.99 value)
  • $1.55 per pattern plus 2 chances to win a 3 month Membership into the digital Garden Club
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